New Year Series #2

For the remainder of January and early Feb I am documenting some interesting Aussie artists and bands, asking them what their plans are for 2017, and what they are most looking forward to in the world of new music. This is my New Year Series.

Bearclaw Camp

Bearclaw Camp rocking it live

I recently stumbled upon this Adelaide pop punk band when I heard one of their latest tracks ‘Contentious’, which comes from their 2016 self-titled EP. Even if their genre isn’t your thing, it’s hard not to be taken in by the infectious guitar intro. Before reading further, I encourage you listen to this track. I’ve conveniently embedded it below for your listening pleasure.

Bearclaw Camp is Samm Hunt (bass/vocals), Aaron Fox (drums), Harry Gieck (guitar/vocals) and Luke Collier (guitar/vocals). I spoke with Samm to find out more about what is in store for the band in 2017. “We’re another EP soon so hopefully that will come out well.” In addition to this, Bearclaw Camp supported UK band Moose Blood recently and they are hoping to support more international bands in the near future.

“[A]s for music direction, we’re just working on finding our sound a little more…while also trying out new things.”

Continuing from edition #1 of New Year Series, where I talked with Doron Losky from Lostkeyz, I’ve been asking what New Year’s resolutions artists have, or what they are hoping to improve on in 2017. Samm: “I personally don’t have any New Year’s resolutions. But as for the music direction we’re just working on finding our sound a little more, after the first EP, we were happy with how it came out but there was a few different sounding songs on there.” That’s as good a resolution/music direction plan as any, and this author and new fan (come to Melbourne, please) wishes Bearclaw Camp the best with their 2017 plans. Samm continued: “The next EP fits together a little bit more so we’re working on finding what we want to sound like while also trying out new things.”

I asked what they would be looking forward to in 2017 in terms of new music releases and tours in Australia. Samm told me, “Really looking forward to the Trophy Eyes tour and a new Knuckle Puck album.” With that, I’ll leave you with the track ‘Nose Bleed’ from those Newcastle natives Trophy Eyes. Best of luck for the year ahead, Bearclaw Camp!

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