Top Ten Tracks of 2016 (#4)

Picking my top ten tracks is hard work. I would sooner pick 100 tracks, there were that many good ones released this year. Well as it happens, fellow SuperUser Dave McCarthy has put together his top 100 tracks for 2016 for you to all enjoy. Check it out here!

Now to my next pick…

#4 Adore – Amy Shark

When I think top ten Hottest 100, I think Adore by Amy Shark. But it’s not its popularity that has made it so high on my favourites of 2016. This track blew me away as soon as I heard it and many are having the same reaction. Queue this one for high rotation on the commercial radio stations in 2017, once they all realise what a banger it is.

Amy is lovely too. She dropped by the triple j studios to perform for Like A Version and her acoustic version of Adore is absolutely stunning.

That’s why Adore has made my top #10, indeed top #5 tracks of 2016. Stay tuned tomorrow for my #3 pick.

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